Safari Animals Jungle Scene Mural

Our stunning safari animals wallpaper will quickly transform your child's room or baby nursery. The design features a giraffe and her baby, a baby zebra and jaguar and a group of squirrel monkeys. Look in the foliage and you'll see a brightly coloured frog and a tiny mouse lemur! Taken from an original hand painting this design is exclusive to One Trick Pony.

You can choose from one of our ready-to-buy sizes or request a custom size. Please note the following before placing your order:
IF YOU SELECT ONE OF OUR READY-TO-BUY SIZES - please remember that there needs to be a small excess of wallpaper on all sides that will be trimmed off. Therefore add 10cm to the size of your walls. For example, if your wall measures 400cm(width) x 250cm(height) you will need a mural that is at least 410cm(width) x 260cm(height).

IF YOU'D PREFER A CUSTOM SIZE - Please send us the actual dimensions of your wall and we will add the 10cm excess. If you need us to take into account windows, doors, irregularly shaped walls etc, feel free to send us a sketch of your wall with the dimensions of your wall plus any other features that need to be taken into account.
We will calculate the cost and set up a custom order option. Once payment is received we'll send a mock of the final design for your approval before printing.

The mural is provided in separate panels similar to wallpaper. You can choose from the following options:
Standard wallpaper - this will require wallpaper paste for installation, you will need to apply the paste to the paper before applying.
Peel and stick - a fabric adhesive that you simply peel from the backing sheet and stick to your walls. It is removable and reusable so if you don't get it right first time you can peel from the walls and reapply.

It is recommended to use two people for application of either type of material.