Vintage Toy Cars Wall Stickers

These wall stickers are taken from our own collection of vintage toy cars. They feature a variety of cars and work vehicles, all showing signs of wear and tear from the hours of fun they've brought to their owners. All of the pieces are separate so you can place them as you wish - use them as a border or to create a repeat wallpaper effect without the effort of paper and paste.

1 set contains 31 different vehicles. You can buy additional sets at a reduced price depending on the area you'd like to fill.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply peel from the backing sheet and stick to any smooth surface that is free from dust, dirt and grease. Adhesion is not as effective on walls painted with washable paints, standard matte emulsion works best. Please wait at least 2 weeks before applying to freshly painted walls.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: Our stickers have excellent adhesion but please consider placement before application. If you decide to place them over a cot or bed please test one or two pieces on an area away from your child first to make sure they adhere to your walls.